This USB-C docking station for your Tesla is incredibly sleek and only $31.99

TL;DR: If you're looking to soup up your Tesla even more than it already is, this USB-C Docking Station for the Model 3 from 2021-2023 can be your next favorite toy. It's here on sale for $31.99 (reg. $39).

Tesla users, your car isn't the only thing that needs a good charge in a crisis, so this USB-C Docking Station for the Model 3 from 2021-2023 ensures your electronics are ready to roll when you need them as well. It's here on sale for $31.99 (reg. $39).

Getting some bling for your Tesla is a heck of a lot easier than getting the car itself. This super fast port is another option to what is already featured on the car and it can juice up to four devices at the same time including smartphones, tablets, gamepads, PCs, and digital cameras. You'll also score a USB-C and Lightning cable that retracts back as a means of not futzing with any crossed wires.

Because of the incredibly sleek modular design, you'll still have a full range of all the car's features including sliding covers and storage boxes, so you're never missing out on what you paid for. Installation is also a total breeze since there's nothing that needs to be removed or permanently added to the vehicle. Plus you can count on this minimal docking station complementing the aesthetic of your Tesla well. 

And, while we know you keep your sweet baby Tesla wrapped up like a small child, accidents do happen. This dock also features shock absorption and anti-collision technology for those rare yet unfortunate moments. We've got you covered here when the drivers outside of your car don't.

Gas up your otherwise electric wheels with this USB-C Docking Station for Tesla for $31.99 (reg. $39).

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