This video of cats escaping crabs, snapping turtles, and snakes reveals their lightning reaction time

Cats are renowned for their agility and lightning-fast reflexes, and this video showcases their abilities in action. With reaction times ranging from 20 to 70 milliseconds, cats are a staggering 10 to 15 times quicker than the average human reaction time of 500 milliseconds.

This video shows cats narrowly avoiding the pinches and bites of crabs, snapping turtles, and snakes. It disturbs me that in some of these videos, it looks like the person filming the encounters intentionally placed cats next to dangerous animals. Luckily, the cats were fast enough to avoid being seriously injured.

It also shows the cats' impressive fly-catching abilities, as the effortlessly snatch buzzing vermin out of the air. 

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Here's another video I posted a couple of years of a bobcat (or lynx) fighting a rattlesnake. It's a thrilling battle. The small wildcat won and the snake ended up as dinner. I like the way the cat does a celebratory roll on its back after killing the snake.