Play over 200 officially licensed Atari games with this retro video game console, now $69.99

TL;DR: All your favorite retro video games are here! With this Open Box version of My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro, you'll get access to over 200 officially licensed games from Atari. While it usually costs $99, right now it's on sale for just $69.99.

Sure, video games these days are so high-tech, they're almost lifelike. But there's just something special about the retro video games from decades past! If you're nostalgic for those beloved Atari games, now you can get easy access to hundreds of them for an incredibly low price point.

The My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro is a game console that connects to your TV and lets you play iconic video titles like Asteroids, Pong, Breakout, and more. Plus, this version comes with over 200 officially licensed games from Atari, meaning you don't even have to hunt down the titles yourself. While it usually costs $99 for this package, right now, it's yours for $69.99.

Of course, part of the reason it's available for such a good deal is because this is a Open Box version. That means the packaging may not be brand new, and there could be minor cosmetic damage to the console. Don't let any scuff marks or scratching deter you, though — the console is in solid operational shape with factory settings restored. It comes with a 90-days warranty, too! 

Here's how it works: Just plug the My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro video game console into your television via HDMI, and then start flipping through the 200-plus officially licensed Atari game options. Centipede, Missile Command, Warlords, and more await! When you're done, you can even save the game, so you can start right from where you left off during your next play session.

And while the games are retro, the controllers aren't: You'll get two 2.4GHz wireless joysticks. They're reminiscent of controllers from the past, but you don't have to worry about cords or clunky design.

This is the perfect gift for any gaming enthusiasts in your life. Go back into time with the My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro: Video Game Console with 200+ Games for just $69.99 now.

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