Collapsed bridge is God's warning to make sure Trump becomes President, says beloved MAGA prophet

For anyone wondering how and why the 985-foot long cargo ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, stop reading the fake news. It's pushing a conspiracy theory that a faulty monitor gauge resulted in a power outage on the ship, causing it to collide with the bridge support, leading to the bridge's catastrophic collapse. 

Lance Wallnau, MAGA's beloved evangelical thought leader and futurist, knows the real story. God Himself steered the ship into the bridge as a symbolic warning "that the nation is in danger of collapsing, its bridge to its noble past is being lost and that hacking might be the thing in the election that is the most dangerous about what takes place."

And as for the power outage? God's masterful use of metaphor: "The news blackout as the blackout on the ship."

But wait, didn't the MAGA cult say Biden caused the bridge collapse? If that's true, it means Biden is…