Palmsy: a fake social media platform is the best yet

There's a new app that gives you the serotonin hits of social media likes without any of the downsides, like stirring up the trolls —  because it's not real. Gizmodo reports that Palmsy, now available on iOS, is standing by to give you a hand.

"Palmsy lets you make little posts for yourself. Then sends you some push notifications from random pals from your contacts," the app's description reads on Apple's App Store. "It's all just for fun, nothing ever leaves your device so your privacy is safe."

Palmsy operates under the same principle as a toy steering wheel for toddlers in a shopping cart. Your friends aren't really responding to your posts, you're just talking to yourself (something many of us did in the Before Times). That ill-advised late night FaceBook rant, or unflattering Instagram pic, could be a thing of the past. And it can help you break the addictive cycle of social media, as reported here  last year.

Palmsy's developer, Pat Nakajima, probably summed it best in a post on Threads: "is it useful? no not as such. is it fun? kinda? is it free? hell yea it is."