Listen to Tarta Relena's beautiful harmonies and ambient bass

Tarta Relena is a duo from Barcelona that started off a capella. Their songs focus on remarkable swirling harmonies that are rooted in a folk tradition, but are accompanied by synth loops of irregular beats and pounding bass. The results are beautiful, immersive and not quite of this earth. While I'm reminded of a capella folk music from Ukraine, Greece, Turkey and all the world over, I've never quite heard it rendered like this.

This performance delivers a bit of old world classical style with the new, stylish, off-kilter beats and low, resounding bass that steadily creeps to the forefront. Surprisingly, the disparate genres compliment each other very well.

The duo sings in Spanish, Greek, Latin and Helena Ros and Marta Torella's native Catalan. Their songs are similarly cross-cultural, incorporating the poetry of ancient Greek poet Sappho with rhythms akin to Flying Lotus'. Minimal, atmospheric, striking, all kinds of synonyms and antonyms in between. Give this group a listen while you're crafting and swaying.

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