Trippy Tiny Desk Concert features a "saxocone," a saxophone with a traffic cone in it

Check out this mind-blowing NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert performed by jazz fusion band Moon Hooch back in July, 2014. Bob Boilen, co-creator of the Tiny Desk Concert series, described the 12-minute set: 

The band is saxophonists Mike Wilbur and Wenzl McGowen, and drummer James Muschler. They all studied in New York at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and every single moment of every song I've ever seen them perform has been full throttle. They call their music "cave music," taking the best elements of electronica — the brutal stops, starts and shifts — and performing those unnaturally precise hairpin turns organically by blowing on horns and banging on drums. This for the boldness in all of us. Embrace Moon Hooch. –BOB BOILEN

The bandmembers met while attending The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, formed the band in 2010, and began busking in New York City subway stations. The breakout star of the group is Wenzl McGowen, who plays the "saxocone," which is a saxophone with a traffic cone appendage. McGowen has taken on the persona of "Traffic Cone Sax Man," and plays his saxocone all over the world, while documenting his musical adventures on social media.

Earlier this year, Moon Hooch released their seventh studio album, My Head & My Heart. They are also currently on tour, through Spring 2024. What a trip it would be to see them live!