Delightful Tiny Desk Concert featuring a piano and tap-dancing combo

I've never seen anything quite like this musical pairing, but honestly it somehow works perfectly. Watch pianist Conrad Tao and dancer-choreographer Caleb Teicher performing together as part of NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series. NPR explains that the duo "created an experience so unexpectedly fresh and suffused with joy, it moved some to tears and others to cheer for more." NPR further describes the magical performance:

Bach and tap dancing might, on the surface, have nothing in common. But here, with ecstatic energy, the artists literally bring out the spirit of dance inherent in Bach's music, as Teicher's artful clicks and clacks weave into the multi-voiced counterpoint. 

Catching a breath, the two slow it down with a sensual piece composed together. Teicher buffs the floor with softer shoes while Tao taps out light, Chopin-perfumed harmonies. High voltage gusto returns in Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. Tao's athleticism, rising from the bench with blistering runs, nearly rivals Teicher, whose constant inventions, Charlie Chaplin charm and pretzel-like flexibility create a cinematic flair.

Former prodigies, Tao and Teicher feed off of each other's virtuosity. Presented with genuine delight, the performances left them exhausted and the audience gobsmacked.

During the set, the pair performs Bach: Goldberg Variation #1, Tao/Teicher's Swing 2, and Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. The 23-minute video is definitely worth a watch!