Arizona upholds grim abortion ban — punishable by up to 5 years — that dates back to 1864

A day after Donald Trump said that states should have the right to make abortion illegal, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld a near total abortion ban that dates back to 1864. And anyone facilitating the procedure could face 2–5 years in prison.

The new law "makes no exceptions for rape or incest," according to NPR, and will only permit an abortion if a person's pregnancy is threatening their life.

But Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, has already vowed to ignore the law, reported Meidas Touch News, and said that state legislatures could overturn the law — even today, if they wanted to.

"They can do this right now, they can do it today," Hobbs said, via MTN. "And they should. They should listen to their constituents, nine out of ten Arizonans who support access to abortion, and do the right thing so that we are not living under the confusion and chaos and lack of access to health care that's needed."

From NPR:

In the ruling, justices wrote that they will stay enforcement for 14 days, possibly longer, allowing abortions to continue during that time. Planned Parenthood Arizona, the state's largest abortion provider, says it plans to continue providing abortions as long as allowed.

An effort is already underway to put a measure on 2024 ballots that would enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution.

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