Cool your hot chips with scented thermal paste

Scented thermal paste is a thing, now, and it comes in plastic syringes with doe-eyed anime characters and a variety of vegetal flavors. Joanna Nelius:

Are scents a practical feature of thermal paste? Absolutely not, but I don't care. I want to glob a tiny bloop of sweet osmanthus grease onto my CPU and inhale it deeply before attaching my cooler and destroying the smell between two hot pieces of metal. Give me a bouquet of plastic syringes filled with osmanthus-scented paste!

The sick curiosity of seeing how close a non-edible thing can smell like the real thing never left my brain. It probably started the first time my friends and I passed around Mr. Sketch Scented Markers in the back of our 5th-grade classroom, arguing over which one smelled the best and inhaling them until our heads got fuzzy.

This is cyberpunk. The name, "Clock Work Tea Party," is my favorite thing about it.

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