Nuisance streamer Johnny Somali arrested in Israel for sexually harassing woman police officer

Johnny Somali (real name: Ramsey Khalid Ismael) is an American nuisance streamer who became infamous when he went to Japan and filmed himself on a subway train while threatening to kill Japanese passengers with nuclear weapons. He was eventually arrested and kicked out of the country.

Six weeks later, Somali has chosen Israel as his next stage, where he harassed police officers and told a woman officer, "You a bad bitch. I change your life, baby girl." In another video, he told an officer, "I'll grab you by the pussy… I'll slap that ass."

Atozy, who runs a YouTube channel that covers losers like Somali, posted a video covering Somali's cringeworthy exploits in Tel Aviv, including a clip of Somali being unceremoniously carried into a police car while screaming "I'm an American!" as if it's a get-out-of-jail-free card.

As Atozy points out, "Johnny truly is the definition of the term his last two brain cells are fighting for 3rd place because the dude is just speedrunning ruining his own life for basic internet attention… it's safe to say if this guy stays in Israel and keeps streaming like this, it's going to end a whole lot worse than what it did for him in Japan."

From The Times of Israel:

Somali was arrested on suspicion of interfering with a police officer in the performance of duty, insulting a public servant, rioting in a public place and violation of privacy.

He is now awaiting a hearing ahead of his deportation from the country, the police add.

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