Nuisance streamer Johnny Somali officially charged with a crime in Japan

American nuisance streamer Johnny Somali (real name: Ramsey Khalid Ismael), who traveled to Japan and filmed himself threatening to kill Japanese people with nuclear weapons, was formally charged with the crime of forcefully obstructing a business's operation. The business in question was an Osaka restaurant, where he played extremely loud music and harassed the staff.

From Dexerto:

A report from The Mainichi states that on October 12, Osaka Prefectural Police arrested both Somali and another American man on suspicion of "forcible obstruction of business" after broadcasting inside of a restaurant in Osaka's Chuo Ward.

Johnny Somali is a controversial Kick streamer who is known for making offensive remarks toward locals in Japan.
Investigators say that Somali was "disrupting the business of restaurants" in Osaka, with examples being entering the kitchen while streaming and playing loud music.

From NHK:

The 23-year-old suspect is believed to have been filming his action and streaming the footage online.

The intruder was masked. But police identified him from the online footage as well as images captured by security cameras. Officers arrested him on Thursday in the city's Dotonbori area.

The suspect is known to have repeatedly made mocking remarks about the atomic-bombed cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He also engaged in other offensive acts across Japan and broadcast these actions online.