Fairbuds: wireless, repairable earbuds with replaceable batteries

Earbuds always struck me as the most throwaway gadget and I never liked buying them knowing they were doomed to the trashcan. Fairphone, the Dutch cellphone company, is making wireless, repairable earbuds with replaceable batteries.

3 year Warranty: Your Fairbuds come standard with a two year warranty.We're extending that by another year. Because we've got your back.

Easily Repairable: It was about time the True Wireless Earbuds category got the signature Fairphone treatment: Built to last and fully repairable.

Replaceable Batteries: Old batteries should never be the end of your earbuds. That's why we designed the Fairbuds with replaceable batteries – in the charging case and both buds!

How does the idea of "buy-it-for-life" earbuds sound? Liliputing's Brad Linder:

The Fairbuds have the sort of features we've come to expect from premium earbuds. They're noise-cancelling Bluetooth 5.3 earbuds with support for wind noise reduction and an environmental noise-cancelling feature that sets noise reduction depending on your environment. Fairphone's earbuds have six microphones, 11mm drivers, and an IP54 rating for water (and sweat) resistance. They also support multipoint connectivity, which means you can connect the earbuds to two different devices at the same time (like your phone and your laptop).

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