Trump Media Stock plummets: a joyous financial disaster

I'm not usually one for schadenfreude. Negative emotions are an unhealthy and unproductive way to live, bad karma, bad juju. Having said that…

The price of the Trump Media stock has now fallen over 50% since it went public two weeks ago. Today, it dropped 10%, closing at $33.58.

As reported in Raw Story:

As NBC News points out, Donald Trump is the biggest shareholder in the company, holding a nearly 60 percent stake. His shares are now worth less than $2.8 billion, a sharp drop from the more than $5 billion it was previously valued.

And it's not just Donald Trump who's taking a bath, losing his shirt, getting his tushy spanked… it's all the genius MAGA "investors" who wanted to stick it to the libs by… losing money?

I feel horrible, just horrible at the amount of joy this is bringing me. 

(Sorry, I'm on an endorphin high — I worry what will happen to my mood if the stock falls below $10 — humans are not wired to be able to handle that level of pure, unfiltered joy.)