A Georgian legislator sucker-punched another lawmaker, triggering a big brawl (video)

No, not the US state, but I could imagine that too. Lawmakers in the Eastern European country of Georgia enjoyed an exciting session of Parliament when member Mamuka Mdinaradze of the ruling Georgian Dream party socked oppositional MP Aleko Elisashvili right in the kisser during a hearing. The punch led to a big brawl which isn't so unusual in the country's parliamentary sessions.

Here's the clip:

From CNN:

Georgian Dream said earlier this month it would reintroduce legislation requiring organizations that accept funds from abroad to register as foreign agents or face fines, 13 months after protests forced it to shelve the plan.

The bill has strained relations with European countries and the United States, who have said they oppose its passage. The European Union, which gave Georgia candidate status in December, has said the move is incompatible with the bloc's values.

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