Marjorie Taylor Greene floats her new conspiracy theory: Mike Johnson is "being blackmailed" (video)

Georgia's top conspiracist is at it again. Marjorie Taylor Greene, best known for her expertise on Jewish space lasers, has a theory on what caused Speaker Mike Johnson's sudden transformation from a pious Christian to a radical liberal: he's being blackmailed.

"How did Christian conservative Mike Johnson go from being a Christian conservative — voting that way, legislating that way — to the speaker of the House that actually funds that [bipartisian] agenda?" the spooked Congresswoman asked fellow conspiracist Tucker Carlson yesterday, comparing the U.S. government to John Grisham's conspiracy thriller The Firm.

"Well, Mike Johnson just got promoted to senior partner at 'the firm,' because he has been obeying their every single demand," she continued, clearly rattled by Johnson's willingness to support government programs, such as "fund[ing] the military…fund[ing] 'Biden's open-border invasion'… and fund[ing] the Green New Deal, the climate agenda."

"I mean, what in the world happened? And you can't help but question, what do they have on him?" the delusional lawmaker wondered, before planting the makings of her next big conspiracy theory. "Is he being blackmailed?" (See video below, posted by Republicans against Trump.)