Trump falls asleep as vulgar comments from past read in court

The New York Times has a team of reporters posting live coverage of Donald Trump's hush-money trial. And according to Maggie Haberman, at one point, Trump was nodding off: "Trump appears to be sleeping. His head keeps dropping down and his mouth goes slack."

As the courtroom drama unfolded, reporters described a seemingly disinterested and drowsy Trump, with Haberman catching him straight-up snoozing as prosecutors recounted his own disgusting comments from the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. Nothing says "I totally respect women" like falling asleep when your misogynistic ramblings are read out loud.

The real comedy was Sleepy Don's reactions whenever things didn't go his way. Shooting smirks at the judge who refused to recuse himself despite Trump's pathetic attempts to get him removed. Letting out a little chuckle when a prosecutor read one of Trump's old tweets bashing his former fixer Michael Cohen, who is now set to become Star Witness in the sex scandal trial against the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief.

And in true MAGA fashion, Trump may already be in contempt of court for continuing his witness intimidation tactics on social media over the weekend. At this rate, he'll be the first defendant sent to jail for violating the judge's gag order before the jury is even seated!

Grab your popcorn — the Trump Trashfire is just getting started.