Sleepy Donald Trump can't stay awake, tilting over as he snoozes in the courtroom again

Donald Trump walked into the Manhattan courtroom today like his usual angry self — calling Judge Juan Merchan a "Trump-hating judge" — but just an hour later, he ran out of juice. In fact, just like yesterday, he shut his eyes and nodded off, this time tilting over in the process.

"His eyes are closed, he's leaning to the left a little bit, quiet, arms crossed as well," reported MSNBC's Yasmin Vossoughian (see video below, posted by Acyn.) Also from NBC:

Shortly before walking into the courtroom, Trump told reporters he had done nothing wrong and attacked Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing the trial, as "Trump-hating judge." He also complained that the case is keeping him off the presidential trail: "I should be, right now, in Pennsylvania, in Florida, in many other states."

Trump at first appeared to be animated and engaged in discussions with his lawyers, pointing in the air with a pencil to punctuate his response. But after about an hour, Trump was seen periodically leaning back and closing his eyes, only to shift his weight moments later. Later, he had his eyes closed and his head tilted to the left. It was unclear if he was sleeping. He had his eyes closed during some of Monday's proceedings as well.

For a man who wants to be crowned first dictator of the United States, Sleepy Don is going to need some much stronger stimulants — or at least a couple of toothpicks to fool his gullible MAGA mob into thinking he's all there.