Claims that RFK Jr has rejected an offer to be Trump's VP

Anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist RFK Jr claims he has rejected an offer to be Donald Trump's Vice-President.

As Trump's last Vice-President almost became the victim of a violent, Trump-inspired mob, you'd think no one would be interested in the job. While people like sleazy Elise Stefanik and Moscow Marge are auditioning daily for it, however — it seems Trump was considering the nutty RFK Jr.

"President Trump calls me an ultra-left radical," Kennedy wrote. "I'm soooo liberal that his emissaries asked me to be his VP."

"I respectfully declined the offer. I am against President Trump, and President Biden can't win. Judging by his new website, it looks like President Trump knows who actually can beat him," Kennedy added.

According to reports, both Democrats and Republicans are warning that Kennedy could tip the 2024 election to either Biden or Trump, but it's Democrats who are expressing more concern.