Print on-the-go with this pocket printer that requires no ink, now only $70!

TL;DR: Printing from your smartphone has never been easier (or more fun!) with the PoooliPrint, the mini-gadget that looks like a cartoon sidekick and prints like a champ, all for less than $70!

It was inevitable after a few generations of smartphone immersion that we'd all long for tangible things again (remember how everything's cyclical?). Whether it's a doodle, a love note, or just a quick selfie with your boo, there's still a place for paper.

Sadly, we can't take our printer everywhere — or can we? The PoooliPrint Inkless Pocket Printer is a fun and highly functional mini printer that can link up with your handheld device via Bluetooth. It can produce physical photos and art in seconds, all without using an ounce of ink. Now, it's on sale for only $69.99 (reg. $159)!

At just 3.25 square inches, this gadget can go almost anywhere your phone does. With a battery capacity of 24 hours, it's built for travel inside and out. It uses thermal imaging to print whatever you need onto specially treated paper, and one roll can be used to make up to 100 pictures. Each image comes out 54mm sheets in 300 dpi resolution, giving you HD quality printing anywhere you go!

Once a roll is done, there are no cartridges or toner to replace. Just pop a new roll in and start printing again. What's more, you can choose from colored sheets, transparent paper, or even sticker-backed rolls. You can print almost anything, whether that's your own art prints, vacation snaps, or receipts and grocery lists. The possibilities are endless, especially when you can use the companion app to edit images before printing.

Not to mention, the PoooliPrint is super cute. It's got a fun, mini design that will definitely boost your creativity! 

Print out selfies, notes, and more wherever you go when you get the PoooliPrint Inkless Pocket Printer (300DPI) for just $69.99 (reg. $159).

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