This personal AC comes with one year of the Loona Plus sleep app

TL;DR: Need a better sleep experience? Enjoy crisp, cool rest at night with the EvaChill personal evaporative cooler in lavender, and wind down more thoughtfully with a free year of Loona Plus for only $79 (reg. $99)!

When it's finally time to hit the hay, no matter how tired you may be, it's nearly impossible to turn that buzzing brain of yours off for a few hours so you can catch some precious (and much-needed!) Zzzs.

If you're a chronic overthinker at night, a sweaty sleeper (aren't we all?), or even both, look no further than this bedtime duo. The EvaChill is a personal AC that arrives in a stylish lavender, and Loona Plus helps calm your mind for only $79 (reg. $99), so you can enjoy a chiller and more restful bedtime routine and sleep!

Night sweats, begone! With the EvaChill (a 2019 Red Dot Design Award winner!), you can have your very own stream of cooling AC as you get beauty rest. This personal AC arrives in an ultra-chic lavender and is super lightweight, meaning you can take it with you anywhere. Plus, the energy-efficient evaBREEZE® design means you can cool off without running up a pricey electric bill, all while remaining bio-safe and eco-friendly.

The EvaChill is also super easy to use and operates quietly. Fill the water tank, connect it to power, and the cartridge will absorb the water via the cooling pads while air flows through. The result? A crisp and cool climate in less than 10 minutes. You'll find that the air is also humidified and purified, as this AC can filter out dust particles and other allergens to prevent bacteria growth and increase air quality!

In addition to the game-changing EvaChill, Loona Plus could help you rest easier. Loona Plus is an award-winning app that helps encourage a more peaceful, productive bedtime ritual. It's complete with a library of more than 80 interactive 3D escapes, original audio stories, and nature sounds. It even gives you access to special breathing exercises to help calm you down and get a more restful night's sleep. Dark under eyes, who?

Hit the hay stress-free and chill with the EvaChill EV-500 in lavender and one free year of Loona, now just $79 for a limited time!

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