Tired Donald Trump posts instead of sleeps, then rages right before trial — about a different trial (video)

Donald Trump had a rough night, pity-posting about how life hasn't been fair for the corrupt billionaire.

"Four years ago I was a very successful and popular President of the United States," cried the one-term, four-times indicted former president, whose presidency saw 400,000 Americans die from Covid and who lost both the electoral and popular vote to President Joe Biden.

He then repeated his Big Lie — once again, folks — in a very lengthy, angry post about how "the Election was Rigged and Stolen [yawn]," how our "once great Country has quickly become a Nation in Serious Decline," and how "IT IS A SHAM" that King Trump is being processed through the court system like every other suspect in America. (See full post, posted by PatriotTakes.)

But curiously, before entering court today, the perpetually angry MAGA man then stood in front of cameras to lash out, not at the criminal trial he was about to face in just minutes, but about his civil New York trial and the "extremely crazed" judge — referring to Judge Engoron, who ruled earlier this year that Trump committed fraud. (See videos below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

It's as if sleep-deprived Trump short-circuited, mixing up his judges and trials as he struggles to think, let alone stay awake. Thankfully, he's got his well-worn, leather burgundy chair waiting to lull him away in the courtroom.