Knights and Relationships is an intimate epic fantasy short film coming from X-MEN '97 storyboard artist Sam Tung

After a few months of long, hard work on the highly-anticipated X-Men '97 animated revival, storyboard artist Sam Tung has finally had a chance to get back to a pet project he's been focused on for years: a short film adaptation of Knights and Relationships, an intimate sword-and-sorcery story originally written by Swedish artist Oscar Westberg. Tung is raising funds for the film via Seed & Spark. Here's how he describes it:

Knights & Relationships is a live-action short film (approximately six minute) based on the short comic by Swedish artist Oscar Westberg. The film is about two knights who have a chance encounter on the road one evening, and through their conversation we realize they have a lot of baggage to impact, which leads to potential conflict, peace, and their understanding of their places in the world.  

What we love about this story is that it takes something high-concept — magical knights errant in a medieval fantasy world — and connects with very real, very human emotions and experiences. When we run into an ex, don't we all feel a bit like a knight in armor? On the defense, ready for a fight, but also hoping to maintain our pride and dignity, and leave in peace?

It looks like a pretty cool project, with a stellar team behind it. You can support the film for as little as $10, which includes a free watch link upon completion.