Area man eats an entire jar of cheese balls in Union Square

Earlier this month, a mysterious masked man known only as cheeseballman427 began advertising his actions: at 3pm sharp on Saturday, April 27, in the year of our Lord 2024, cheeseballman427 would stand in the middle of Union Square park in the city of New York — some five miles down the island from where a very different crowd had gathered — and there he would consume an entire jar of cheese balls.

Which is precisely what he did.


I saw a flier last week that advertised some guy was gonna eat an entire jar of cheese balls in Union Square at 3pm this Saturday. So I put it in my calendar, and sure enough when I showed up, there was a guy who ate an entire jar of cheese balls.

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cheeseballman427 told the New York Post: "I decided to do this because I thought New York City could use something like this. Cheese balls are funny and eating an entire jar of one is a difficult task, but not impossible."

Similarly, he told The Independent that he almost hurled.

As of press time, the President of Columbia University could not be reached for comment.