Famed "Can Opener" bridge gets a theme song

No, not that can-opener bridge, a regular topic here at Boing Boing. Glenville, NY, outside of the state capital of Albany, has its own can-opener bridge on Glenridge Road, with a clearance of 10 feet 11 inches. An overheight vehicle strikes the bridge about twice a month. The state recently spent $1.4 million to install a warning system very similar to the one at our favorite can-opener bridge. It seems to work about as well according to this report.

A local teen is doing his part to help prevent bridge strikes by composing a song about it.  He starts with a little plug for his town. 

Welcome to Glenville.

It's a friendly Town upstate. We've got plenty of parks, some restaurants,  Air National Guard base, and the famous Can Opener Bridge.

And then the important part:

Don't trust your Siri, your Alexa, your outdated GPS.

Well, they don't live here! They don't know.

While he might succeed in getting people to visit his town, I don't think any song will stop people from ignoring signs and crashing into low bridges. I admire the optimism, however. 

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