Durham's infamous "can opener" bridge claims second victim of the year

The Gregson Street bridge in Durham, North Carolina, also known as the 11-foot-8-inch bridge or simply the "can opener," gained notoriety due to its low clearance height that frequently led to accidents involving overheight trucks operated by drivers who ignored the flashings and other warnings to turn around.

The bridge's clearance was raised a couple of years ago to 12' 6". Although the unfortunate height increase has decreased the frequency of incidents, there was a recent accident earlier this month involving a truck that drove under the iron guard rail, causing debris to scatter across the road. It marks the second bridge collision of the year.

The bridge's popularity and the crashes it has caused have led to the creation of a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting these incidents. On this channel, you can find videos showcasing many of the 178 crashes that have occurred since 2008, offering viewers a bounty of schadenfreude as the witness the consequences of failing to notice the bridge's warning system.