Runaway zebras recaptured by clowns

Four zebras escaped from a a trailer on I-90 near the town of North Bend, Washington over the weekend. From The Seattle Times:

[Washington State Patrol spokesperson Trooper Rick] Johnson said the driver was taking the zebras to Montana, though he didn't know why.

Laura Fisher was driving 70 mph with her son on I-90 when she saw the doors of a trailer ahead of them flapping in the wind. At first, they thought the trailer was empty, but then saw the zebras nervously approach the edge.

"Our main concern was that they were going to jump out of the trailer at 70 and probably die and cause a major issue for the other drivers," she said.

Fisher and her son sped up to get out from behind the zebras, fearing for their own safety. They saw another person in traffic signal to the driver of the trailer to pull over, which she did.

Why are the zebras headed to Montana? That's a simply a mystery that no one has time to solve. Komo News was busy reporting on much more important things: rodeo clowns. The local station spoke with a neighbor named named Whitney Blomquist, who caught the wild zebras on her home security cameras and reportedly helped authorities re-corral the gallivanting equines. Blomquist told the station that:

They had a rodeo clown who was on his way, I guess to a rodeo, and they were using him to help corral. We got zebras on the loose, we've got a rodeo clown. I'm like, 'Cool, we've officially turned into a zoo here.'

You might be wondering what, exactly, a "rodeo clown" is. Well, me too.

According to Trooper Johnson, three of the four zebras were, "I won't say in custody — but, back corralled," as of Monday night.

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