My money is on Trump weaseling out of these Presidential debates

President Joe Biden has offered adjudicated rapist Donald J. Trump two opportunities to debate.

Sure, Mr. Orange Dumpster Fire immediately fired off a blathering acceptance of President Biden's challenge. Let's give the Republicans a few days to complain about the format, rules, venue, and timing. Every day, President Biden reaffirms his competency and ability to get his points across, regardless of stuttering, while Trump can barely open his mouth without violating a gag order. Biden could have refused to engage with an insurrectionist, but they are likely counting on Trump demanding some ridiculous conditions at the last minute and failing to appear.

The Biden campaign is proposing a late June debate after Biden returns from the G7 in Italy, and when Trump's New York trial is likely to have wrapped. The second debate should be early September, "early enough to influence early voting," she said. The vice presidential debate should be in late July, after the Republican National Convention, she said.

In his Truth Social post, Trump said he recommended more than two debates "and, for excitement purposes, a very large venue, although Biden is supposedly afraid of crowds."

Biden's campaign also nixed the idea of including third-party or independent candidates in the debates, saying they "should be one-on-one, allowing voters to compare the only two candidates with any statistical chance of prevailing in the Electoral College – and not squandering debate time on candidates with no prospect of becoming president."


President Biden has accepted an invitation from CNN to host the first event, on June 27th. Trump has a little more than a month to find his excuse.

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