Facebook pushing AI-generated images of starving, drowning, bruised and mutilated children into users' feeds

At 404 Media, Jason Koebler reports that AI images of suffering children, some depicting them mutilated or dying, are appearing in Facebook users feeds. It's the latest and most alarming example of AI-generated garbage filling the platform, complete with inane replies from bots, from "boomers", and from unambigious humans helping spread the posts by angrily calling them out, a classic Facebook engagement success model.

Facebook has not, to my knowledge, taken action on any of the AI-generated spam that we have repeatedly sent to the company, nor has it deleted the pages of the engagement farmers who are pushing people off the platform or are otherwise trying to scam users. Facebook has published multiple blog posts saying that it will eventually label AI-generated content, but has not done so yet. Its most recent blog post has focused on the use of AI for disinformation, and claims they will begin to label AI-generated content in May, though Facebook has only said the labeling "will be based on our detection of industry-shared signals of AI images or people self-disclosing that they're uploading AI-generated content." In one of its blog posts, Facebook says that, "stakeholders in 34 countries" told Facebook that "generative AI is becoming a mainstream tool for creative expression."

Nothing legal anyone can do about it.

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