Record anything with $48 off this hidden camera pen

TL;DR: Usually $198, the awesome iSpyPen PRO 2021 Model is on sale right now for just $149.97.

The great thing about being an adult is you have access to adult money. And do you know what you can give yourself as a me-to-me present? Two words: spy pen. Because, really, is there anything quite as cool as having your own spy pen? The iSlyPen PRO 2021 Model lets you record full HD video and audio, and though it's usually $198, today, you can grab it on sale for just $149.97—saving you a hefty $48. 

With a built-in 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution camera, you'll be able to take clear video and photos right from the pen and discreetly record audio at a moment's notice. Whether you finally want to live your covert spy fantasies or simply want to up your note-taking game so you never miss something important again, this pocket-sized gadget has got you covered. 

It records everything onto the device's 128GB of memory, where it's stored for up to 24 hours. Then, simply use the included plug-and-play adaptor to connect the pen to your other devices and save your HD video, photos, and audio, all with an optional timestamp overlay if you wish to include essential time and date details on your notes. 

Meanwhile, a useful 75 minutes of battery life means it's ready even for longer use in meetings and beyond. Of course, it also functions as a regular pen. Spies still have to write down notes, you know.

That's why this cool gadget has won fans across the country. Its nifty features have been featured on Fox, NBC, iHeartRadio, and more. 

Get this iSpyPen PRO 2021 Model with Adapter & Battery on sale now for $149.97 (regular price $198). 

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