Dog airline CEO flies 3½ hours in a dog crate

How unpleasant is the experience of flying in a crate in the plane's cargo area for dogs? Matt Meeker, founder and CEO of Bark Air–a new company that offers luxury charter flights for dogs–set to find out firsthand. In a bold marketing stunt, Meeker crawled into a dog crate, was loaded into a small plane via a conveyor belt, and then flew crated from south Florida to New York City. At the end of the 3 hour and 27 minute flight, Meeker reports, "I don't know why any person would choose to do this to their dog."

For comparison, this is the dog's experience flying on Bark Air:

Bark Air's first-class flights for dogs currently only offer only a few routes, and it'll cost you. Got questions? They've got answers [via Nag on the Lake, Web Curios]