Bernie Sanders, at 82, isn't done: Announces he's running for "most consequential election in our lifetimes" (video)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–VT), still going strong at age 82, announced today that he's running for another Senate term.

In an 8-minute video (see below) posted on X, Sanders wrapped his candidacy announcement with pledges he is known for, including his continued promise to fight exorbitant prescription drug prices, fight climate change, fight wealth inequality, defend abortion rights, and cancel student debt.

But his most urgent message was a more existential one: "This 2024 election is the most consequential election in our lifetimes," he said. "Will the United States continue to even function as a democracy, or will we move to an authoritarian form of government?"

Although Sanders, if he wins another term, will be 89 at the end of it, he seems more aware of what's at stake and more determined to govern than most politicians just half his age.