Cruelty is the point: A Trump ghoul brags about entrapping homeless people

One of the fascists behind "Project 2025," the disgraced Johnny McEntee, shared a video on social media where he entraps homeless people.

Never forget that for MAGAs, the cruelty is the point. Cruelty is the reason "Project 2025" senior advisor Johnny McEntee shared a video of himself "gifting" counterfeit money to homeless people with the intent of getting them jailed for trying to use it. McEntee had to be fired from the Trump administration and escorted out of the White House as he was under investigation for "financial crimes." However, he was immediately rehired by the Trump campaign.

Law professor Orin Kerr responded to the video, "Causing innocent people to be arrested is good, according to Trump aide."

Another law professor, Jennifer Taub, replied that "ignorance of 18 U.S.C. 2 is no defense."

Reed Galen, former campaign manager for Sen. John McCain and Lincoln Project co-founder, suggested it was part of a pattern.

"Spoke to a friend recently who's worked as civil servant for years and dealt with Trump people," Galen said. "He said, 'Here's the thing: They literally don't care if something is illegal. Oh, that's illegal? It'll be fine.'" Galen then added, "BTW, @SecretService, FYI."

Galen wasn't the only one. Social media is flooded with individuals tagging the Secret Service and FBI, with several of them demanding an investigation into the alleged misconduct by McEntee, who is no stranger to financial crime investigations.

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