How to play Tug of War with trombones

The playful "Tug of War Duet" by YouTuber Charis Dwire of Musical Chairs was inspired by her brother Nathan's idea of a trombone tug of war. In this video, you'll see trombonists Joseph Greene and Sam Robertson bring this concept to life in a really fun performance. It looks almost like a real game of Tug of War, with their slides mirroring and tangling with each other. If you're interested, you can purchase the sheet music for this piece, including both parts, for $5 from Dwire. Let the games begin! [via Neatorama]

This comic piece highlights the uniqueness of the trombone by pairing two trombones face to face in a "tug of war" pantomime as part of the performance. Slide positions are provided to ensure the mirroring aspect necessary for the tug of war visual.

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