Cowardly Trump promises another vaporous policy document

Doing the same old song and dance, adjudicated rapist and real estate fraud, Donald Trump promised that he'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamberder today.

Unwilling to upset anyone, or perhaps unable to understand the question, a Presidential candidate who just had his raw dogging of a porn star entered into evidence in criminal court failed to take a stand on contraception. For a guy who wants to hold on to his evangelical support, Trump seems to make odd choices about when to exercise caution. Here, however, he is defaulting to his regular wink-wink "We all know I'm all about whatever causes the most suffering," by promising an upcoming healthcare policy infrastructure week pogrom statement on reproductive rights.

Appearing on KDKA -TV News, the 45th president was asked by Jon Delano: "Do you support any restrictions on a person's right to contraception?"

"We're looking at that and I'm going to have a policy on that very shortly," Trump replied in a seemingly off-the-cuff answer. "And I think it's something you'll find interesting. It's another issue that's very interesting. But you'll find it very smart. I think it's a smart decision. But we'll be releasing it very soon."

Delano then pressed: "That suggests that you may want to support some restrictions?

A pause.

The reporter continued: "Like the morning after pill?"

Trump appeared to retreat. "We are also — you know things really do have a lot do with the states. And some states are going to have different policies than others. But I'm coming out within a week or so with a very comprehensive policy which I'll get to you immediately."