Jack Dorsey takes a stool at Elon's Nazi bar

Sweet Liberty! Quitting Bluesky, Jack Dorsey has tweeted that Xitter is "Freedom Technology."

Elon Musk has welcomed quite a few Nazis back to the bar. Nick Fuentes, Kanye West, Donald Trump were all banned for violating the Xitter's policies, but Jack Dorsey left of his own accord. Now, however, he is back and wants people to know that Xitter is "Freedom Technology." Dorsey also reminds folks not to trust corporations, of which Xitter is one. It seems he tired of BlueSky and the other Twitter competitors he's been funding.

"Don't depend on corporations to grant you rights," Dorsey tweeted. "Defend them yourself using freedom technology. (you're on one)." Despite his promotion of alternatives to the site he founded, Dorsey has publicly shared his admiration for Musk. In 2022, he called the multibillionaire the "singular solution I trust" for the future of Twitter, though a year later he criticised Musk for his "fairly reckless" moves after taking control of the site.


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