Revenge candidate Donald Trump vows to round up Democrats — and Liz Cheney "for her crimes"

Donald Trump is a self-proclaimed "retribution" candidate who is not only promising to "root out … the radical-left thugs" such as President Biden, "marxist prosecutors" in the DOJ, and journalists who tell the truth about him — he is also calling to arrest staunch Republicans who refuse to join the MAGA cult. And former Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney is at the top of that list.

"Liz Cheney purposely withheld January 6th evidence that would have exonerated President Trump years ago," says a meme he reposted on Truth Social, which shouts "ELECTION INTERFERENCE" in yellow letters across a photo of Cheney.

The meme then tells Trumpers to "RETRUTH" the post if they "want her held accountable and be criminally prosecuted for her crimes."

This is the second time in two months that Trump has promised to go after Cheney, who served as vice chair of the House Select Committee that investigated the January 6 insurrection. In March, the former one-term president-turned-criminal defendant said, "She should go to jail along with the rest of the Unselect Committee."

You can see the revenge candidate's post against Cheney here at Meidas Touch.