Wally the Emotional Support Alligator has gone missing

Wally is a 70-pound emotional support alligator who lives in Pennsylvania with a man named Joei Henney. Last year, Wally was famously denied entry into a Phillies game. More recently, Wally accompanied Henney on a trip to Georgia…and has not been seen since April 21, 2024. From the York Daily Record:

Wally was in his enclosure when [Henney] returned to his friends' home [in Brunswick, Georgia, following an early morning fishing trip].  

About an hour after he returned, he noticed Wally was gone. He checked to see whether Wally could have escaped. He couldn't have. The enclosure was not breached and there was no sign that Wally had absconded on his own. The enclosure was secure, with access to the inside the house so he could roam but not to the outdoors.

Wally was discovered about a week later, having been gator-napped by "some jerk," according to Henney. The gator-nappers dropped Wally in someone else's backyard, presumably as a joke to freak them out. That person, in turn, called the state wildlife authority, who sent a trapper to capture the alligator from the yard and re-release him into a swamp where other alligators live.

Wally is presumably still somewhere out in that swamp. But Henney has nearly given up hope. From a Facebook post made on May 6:

Hi everyone, as each day passes and it comes time to give an update that everyone looks for it gets harder for me to say the same thing…there is nothing new to say. We have reached out to several attorneys and are waiting to hear back, so that's a positive that things are moving forward in the right direction.

As I have said multiple times no one will tell us where Wally is, but we all know they know. Honestly I would think with the world watching that they would wish to come out as heroes and end this for everyone instead of doubling down. I wholeheartedly believe since they know where Wally is that they are checking on him probably daily. So I say this, if anyone in that area happens to notice DNR in an area you don't usually see them in until recently let us know, because maybe that will lead us to Wally. Maybe I'm grasping at straws but I'm open for suggestions 🤷‍♀️. I wish I had more to tell everyone rather than the same old thing. Hopefully soon I will🙏. Keep up with your shares, calls, and emails because every little bit helps. We appreciate you all more than you know! Hopefully all our hard work together will #bringwallyhome❤️🙏🙏🙏

Poor Henney. Poor Wally! There is currently a $1000 reward for any information that could help identify and convict the gator-nappers responsible for this travesty.

Is Wally the emotional support alligator still alive? Why his handler doubts a reunion [Mike Argento / York Daily Record]

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