Watch this confused flamingo get fooled by an airbrushed 'flamingo' and then take revenge on the poor model

Meet "Airbrush Hero" Avi Ram. He's a professional airbrush artist who uses human bodies as his canvas to create cool optical illusions. He's created a human gridcrowGreek statuegiant turtlehornetbeachscape, and more. 

One of his most remarkable pieces was a human model he painted to look like a flamingo at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida. It was so realistic that it fooled an actual flamingo, who came over to investigate the strange-looking 'flamingo.' The poor real flamingo seemed flummoxed by the entire spectacle and ended up taking out its frustrations on the model. Avi Ram explains, "It was painful, but worth it!" – I wonder how the model felt, though? Those flamingo bites don't look fun! Hopefully no bird or human was truly hurt in the end.

On his website, Ram describes his passion for airbrushing:

Avi Ram is a talented airbrush artist who grew up in Israel and now calls Fort Lauderdale, Florida home. He discovered his love for airbrushing at the age of 18, building on his childhood hobby of drawing. His journey began in an airbrush store in Israel, where he turned ordinary t-shirts into works of art. Combining his passion for drawing with airbrushing, Avi started teaching others through airbrush classes. Avi's artistic skills allow him to bring any idea or image to life, whether recreating designs from photos or coming up with original creations based on client preferences. He works on various surfaces, from canvas and clothing to metal like cars and motorcycles.

Avi's creative process involves envisioning compositions in his mind and bringing them to life through free-hand airbrushing. His artwork, ranging from portraits to wall murals and art on t-shirts, reflects a natural evolution of colors, characters, and elements. In addition to his diverse portfolio, Avi ventured into body painting in 2010, showcasing his skills at clubs, bars, photoshoots, and more. . . ​Avi Ram continues to create captivating airbrush art, leaving his mark on the world of contemporary art and design in an approachable and relatable way.

Check out his website or follow him on TikTok or Instagram to see more!


It was painful, but worth it ! . Body painting illusion at Flamingo Gardens is Davie, Florida . @Flamingo Gardens @visitlauderdale #EverythingUnderTheSun . Models – @Mannystretch . #bodypainting #flamingo #attacked #illusion #creative #bodyart #makeupillusion #camouflage #flamingoattack #nature #beauty

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