Lego's Retro Radio isn't really a radio but it does play tunes

Lego's Retro Radio is a 906-piece beauty in teal, tan and off-white, complete with bakelite-style knobs and an antenna. It has a speaker but isn't a real radio. It can pretend to be one, sort of, by housing a smartphone or playing back its built-in recordings of old-timey stations.

Enjoy an immersive building project with this LEGO® Icons Retro Radio (10334) set. Craft an ornamental replica of a 1970s vintage radio with a foldup handle and antenna, classic power and tuning dials and a sliding frequency switch. Rotate the dials to emit tuning signals and music snippets. Mount a smartphone in the rear compartment to relish your favorite tunes while bringing a cool retro vibe to your home or office.

The LEGO Builder app features a 3D version of the building instructions included with this creative building set. Here you can zoom in and rotate to view models from all angles as you build. The app also allows you to build as a team, track your progress and explore and save other adult building sets.

This LEGO set makes a great birthday gift for adult music-lovers, nostalgia enthusiasts and fans of retro home and office decor. Discover the inspiring range of LEGO creative building sets designed specifically for adults.

It'll be out June 1 for $100.

Image: Lego

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