Woman lived in grocery store's roof sign for a year

Contractors working at a Family Fare grocery store in Midland, Michigan found a 34-year-old woman had been secretly residing inside the store's massive rooftop sign for nearly a year.

As reported in the Midland Daily News, the contractors spotted an extension cord snaking up to the sign and discovered the woman's compact but resourceful living quarters within. She had carved out a tiny homestead complete with flooring, a makeshift desk, a food pantry stocked with supplies, and even a houseplant to make it feel homier.

Police said the woman had a car and appeared to be employed, though not at Family Fare. When confronted, she brushed off offers for housing assistance, preferring her sign-top shanty.

Family Fare declined to press trespassing charges. Police barred her from the property and helped retrieve her meager belongings from her unique domicile.

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