Nashville cop fired after participating in uniform in adult OnlyFans prank clip

Nashville police officer Sean Herman is out of a job after being filmed groping a woman's breasts after pulling her over for speeding. Though the video doesn't show a real stop—it was posted by an OnlyFans adult content creator named Jordin—the officer's identity and department are briefly revealed when his badge dips into view.

The video is titled "Can't believe he didn't arrest me" and was posted to the "jordinswetof" account watermarked on the footage. After the clips begins, the person filming says they knew she was going to get pulled over due to her speed, then shows the squad car looming behind them.

"I'm not going to get a ticket," Jordin says. "I'm going to show him my tits."

The department says the three people in the video, including the officer, were in on it and that they're not sure if he was on the clock or not. In any case, "that was one of the most outrageous, disrespectful acts that a person here could do and, by disrespectful, I mean to all the MNPD employees and this agency," the MNPD's Don Aaron told Nashville News 5.

I love how Aaron makes clear that it is other cops Herman has disrespected, not anyone else in particular. Jordin wrote that everything in the video was consensual.

The whole thing is amazing. I also appreciate how Nashville News 5 reports it, too: both as a story and as a reaction video with reporter Levi Ismaels.

Just think: if former officer Sean Herman had done this for real (Fanfare! Confetti! Dancers strike their pose! Fireworks burst!) he would not have been fired.