Nicky Minaj learns what might happen when you smuggle drugs through airports

Singer Nicki Minaj got angry at the otherwise comically polite police detaining her for smuggling drugs through Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. She films her own arrest; it's inconceivable to her that this is happening. Perhaps someone will explain.

In the clip, Minaj mentions "pre-rolls they found," and is then seen being ushered out of her vehicle and urged to get in a police van. When she asks why she is being told to board the van, an official informs her she is "under arrest," later adding, for "carrying drugs." Minaj replies, "I'm not carrying drugs."

Minaj repeatedly asks for the address of the police station and to have a lawyer present throughout the clip, while the police ask her to stop filming.

People say that we're on the brink of achieving our long-promised cyberpunk dystopia of corporate feudalism, dark enlightenment and transhuman chaos amid the corrupted ruins of democracy, but look at those to whom police actually defer. Entitled celebrity nitwitocracy is where it's at.