Moonwalkers: shoes that claim to make you walk 250% faster

Watch Wired's Brent Rose test shoes that claim to make you walk 250% faster. The shoes are called Moonwalkers and the idea behind them is that they put an electric moving sidewalk under your feet—think the moving sidewalks at the airport. They're designed and made by Shift Robotics.

The first thing Rose says when he tests the shoes is that it really does feel like he has a moving sidewalk underneath his feet. These mechanical shoes have little wheels underneath them that automatically break as you come to a stop, but they aren't just "heelys for grownups" the video explains. They're powered by brushless motors and machine learning. 

Watch Rose take the shoes out for a spin in a series of tests, and give his overall opinion about the shoes' usefulness. 

From Youtube: "What if you could walk way faster without trying any harder? Moonwalkers basically put an electric moving sidewalk right under your feet. WIRED's Brent Rose has some questions: Are they real? Are they safe? Are they actually any good? Brent goes inside Shift Robotics's research and development lab to get some answers."

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