Cringeworthy 1988 pantyhose ad cruelly depicts office worker personas

A recently unearthed 1988 promotional video from Sheer Indulgence Panty Hose is making the rounds for its brutally insensitive depiction of various women office worker stereotypes. In the video, a single woman portrays several distinct personas, each with their own unique manner of speaking and interacting with colleagues.

From the "Breathy Cheerleader" who comes across as rushed and awkward, to the "Tense jaw-Clipper" who is uncooperative and resistant, the impersonations are exceedingly bizarre. The "Lazy Tongue" is painted as unintelligent and lacking energy, while the "tight-lipped voice" is characterized as negative and uncooperative.

The "Traffic Jame in the Mouth" persona, with her garbled speech, is said to convey confusion and disorientation, and the "Slow Train" is deemed unprepared, unprofessional, and perhaps not very intelligent. After each impersonation, the actress provides harsh commentary on the traits each persona exhibits.

While intended to showcase the importance of clear communication in the workplace, the video's stereotypical portrayals are insensitive and offensive by today's standards. Personally, I would enjoy working with these unique personalties!

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Thanks, Chanté McCormick!