Elon Musk gets roasted by Meta's AI expert: "your personality is trash!"

Over the weekend, Elon Musk, super excited about raising $6 billion to fund his edgelord version of ChatGPT, xittted "Join xAI if you believe in our mission of understanding the universe, which requires maximally rigorous pursuit of the truth, without regard to popularity or political correctness." (Translation: "Please love me, Catturd2!")

Enter Yann André LeCun, the Silver Professor of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University and Chief AI Scientist at Meta, who couldn't resist the tempting setup. "Join xAI if you can stand a boss who claims that what you are working on will be solved next year (no pressure)," he xitted. He also called out Musk's penchant for peddling "crazy-ass conspiracy theories." (Translation: "Nice tinfoil hat collection, Elon.")

Musk, revealed his emotional maturity level by accusing LeCun of "going soft" and belittling his contributions despite LeCun having published over 80 technical papers since January 2022. "Try harder!" Musk sneered.  (Translation: "How dare you be more accomplished than me?")

LeCun's retort was a masterclass in shade: "I like his cars, his rockets, his solar panels, and his satellite network. I very much dislike his vengeful politics, his conspiracy theories, and his hype." (Translation: "I respect the technology your scientists and engineers make in spite of your meddling, but your personality is trash.")

This is the cyberpunk dystopia we've been asking for — a billionaire manbaby who can't handle a Twitter beef without resorting to pathetic insults shaping the future of AI.

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