The Kiffness is back with "I Go Meow," featuring Cala the cat, who is having an existential crisis

The Kiffness has done it again, this time with a brilliant duet featuring a cat named Cala who is having an existential crisis. In the Kiffness X Cala collab, called "I Go Meow," Cala the cat begins by singing the chorus, "I go meow, I go meow, I go meow, go meow. I don't know who I am, look away, look away." The Kiffness then adds some killer beats and sings the verse:

Hey little kitty, oh it's such a pity 

That you don't know who you are

Cause you are a shining star 

Oh that little voice of yours 

Is opening all the doors 

That you thought were closed but they're opening now

They then sing the "I go meow" chorus together in what I swear is one of the catchiest, sweetest, saddest songs my ears have had the pleasure of hearing lately. At around 1:22, multiple Kiffnesses begin harmonizing together with Cala above the sweet and soothing sound of yet another Kiffness playing the trumpet. 

I'm begging you to go give it a listen. I promise you'll love it.

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