USPS driver busted for racing Mustang at 100mph (video)

Talk about express mail! <rimshot> USPS worker Drew Brown, 28, was caught racing a USPS postal truck against a Ford Mustang, hitting 105 mph in a 60 mph zone on a Sandusky County, Ohio highway. The cop who pulled Brown over wasn't impressed. Bodycam video below.

"Is there a reason you're going over 100?" the deputy asked Brown. "I mean, that Mustang took off. He caught my attention, and then you blew by him, and I was pacing you at like 105."

Brown received a special delivery of a $240 speeding ticket and WTVG reports she's paid the first installment.

A USPS spokesperson didn't have much to say on the matter: "Drew Brown is an employee. It is under investigation and as a matter of policy, we are unable to comment further on a specific individual personnel matter."

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