Vote for the best idea for an 80s Lego set, which is, of course, the Golden Girls

Lego Ideas, where creators can submit their own creations for consideration to become a real Lego set, is running an "If We Could Turn Back Time" 80s contest. There are five iconic 80s sets to vote on.

First up is Gizmo from Gremlins, who comes with extra elements to build him Rambo-style, including a red bandana and bow and explosive arrow. Adorable.

Next is everyone's favorite extra-terrestrial. If you were expecting Alf instead of ET, please see yourself out. ET has a light element on the tip of his index finger.  It looks fantastic.

The third option is my favorite, the Golden Girls, although it would need some tweaks before being produced as an actual set. I mean, the girls are in the kitchen and no one is eating cheesecake? To quote Guy from Galaxy Quest, "Did you guys ever watch the show?" The kitchen is perfect and would fit in perfectly with the previous sitcom sets. 

The minifigs and sandworm are the highlights of the Beetlejuice set. The house and interiors are underwhelming.

The final set is Big, which is just meh. It features the FAO Schwarz giant piano and the Zoltar machine. Although the trampoline is clever, this one just didn't do it for me.

You can vote for your favorite the Golden Girls here through May 27th. The decision can come down to just a few votes, so get on it! Also, I know I am being irrational, and the Golden Girls set isn't the best of the five, but I just love them so much.

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