Florida man, er, priest did not want a church-goer to receive communion — so he bit her

A Florida priest did not think a woman attending mass was worthy of receiving communion — so he bit her.

At first, the nipping priest simply denied the woman communion when she showed up at the St. Thomas Aquinas Church in St. Cloud on Sunday. And although the reasons why he turned her away vary depending on who is asked, according to the woman and a witness via WFTV, Father Fidel seemed to be against the way she dressed (long pants and a crisp white button-down shirt).

But when the church-goer insisted on receiving a wafer, even allegedly grabbing at them, "He tried to forcefully shove it in her mouth," according to the witness, before deciding that corporal punishment — by way of a chomp — was in order.

The priest's version is a little different, however. Although he admits to biting the woman (which reportedly left bite marks), the Father insists it wasn't because he was judging her. Instead, according to the police report via WESH, he was protecting the body of Christ from a church-goer who "did not do the prior steps necessary to be given the communion bread."

The priest hasn't been arrested, but the woman "says she plans on prosecuting."

See news video below, which was reposted by Catholic Arena.